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So, I would really like to start organizing operations and other various end game PvE content. First of all we need to all get geared. Here is a gearing guide.  It honestly shouldn't take longer than two weeks for most of us to be geared out in Artifact gear. Which is tier one raiding gear at level 55. We should be able to start TFB SM(Terror From Beyond Story Mode) if each of us have some black hole gear and some artifact gear. TFB SM will get us our Black Market gear (Tier 2 raiding gear) and from there we progress through the operations and continue to get geared to be able to run the newest opertaion at the time. So pretty much, all we need to do right now is run Level 55 Hardmode Flashpoints, do some dailys on Makeb and quest at Oricon for a full set of Artifact gear. For those of you interested in taking part in operations please post a reply with the following format....

Format of your reply....

In-game name:

Gear Rating/Type of Gear you currently have:

Your role(Tank, DPS, Healer):

Your class:

Past PvE expierence(raiding, operations, etc.):

Availability during the week:

Preffered days/times to do operations:

Any other things you wish to say:



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In-game name: Orosu or Jerimiah if he is 55 by the time we do it

Gear Rating/Type of Gear you currently have: 156 rating

Your role(Tank, DPS, Healer): dps on jug can respec healer on jerimiah

Your class: Juggernaut/mercenary

Past PvE expierence(raiding, operations, etc.): many many raids from other mmos

Availability during the week: anytime all the time

Preffered days/times to do operations: sat / sun

Any other things you wish to say: I'm down like james brown


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IGN: Syty

Rate: No fucking clue



A couple of FP's

Non me ne fote' proprio (IDGAF)


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In game Name:Razar (55 Deception Assassin), Vyx (55 Agent), Vulkar (55 Sorc), Verrik (55 marauder), Verone (40 Powertech)

Gear: all are 162 Tier 1 plus

PvE raid experienced: all HM raids except Dread Palace, all HM flash points, PvP other MMO Experience 7 years of Warcraft Raids and PvP Diablo 2,3

Prefered days: I'm open most days. My work is shift rotation so I can make most things in the evenings with notice.

I would like to add I am always up to help someone get the most out of their ingame experience. I am dedicated to  building a solid team with like minded Individuals. I hope to see more active members and look forward to some excieting adventures ingame with the guild. Its cool to see a mix of people from different countries come together to enjoy swtor.

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