The Crusaders

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ESO Summer Festival

Hello everyone, 
It has been some time since we last had a news update on our website. Today I would like to talk about a fun event we have begun to plan for our guild The Crusaders and the ESO community. We would like to host a week long summer festival event for the ESO community and the members of The Crusaders. The idea behind it is to have set times throughout a week where the community of ESO can hangout, participate in mini games, and leave it all on the battlefield in Cyrodiil to compete for a hefty reward. 

The details of this event are still being worked out. We would love for the members of The Crusaders to post suggestions on what we could do for this event and what you guys would like to see and participate in. Ideally we hope to host this event sometime late July. Below you will find a timeline of what details will be released and when. Also be sure to post your suggestions in the "ESO Summer Festival Suggestions" thread on our ESO forums. 

June 20 - Announce dates for the event
June 30 - Begin to bring together all suggestions and ideas
July 7 - Release a trailer/teaser for the event
July 11 - Organize each day of the event and release a full schedule of what will happen each day

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